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A marvellous end to 2021, and the promise of a positive start to 2022 w

Tarantara finished off 2021 with a  run of 3 Concerts commencing on the 16th October at The Vale Golf Club.  our first Since Norton Lindsey in 2019.    It was a joyful experience to sing in performance once more.  Our sincere thanks to all at the Vale for making it happen, and for being a marvellous audience 

We ended the year in the shadow of Omicrom. The choir members worked hard to learn some new pieces, and to polish up some older pieces.  Our efforts were rewarded with two wonderful Christmas concerts , the first a Christmas Concert at St.Peter’s Inkberrow on the 11th December and the second our season ending finale and our annual home concert. 2021, at St Andrews Shottery on December 18th. 

Based on the feedback we have received , "Tarantara Christmas concerts!  probably the best two Christmas concerts in the world ever"  as Carlsberg would say

Thank you for your support .We look gorward to seeing you in 2022, Omicron willing!!


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